Software  Engineer since 2009.
Android engineer since 2011.
International experience in IT since 2013.
Goal-oriented. I have design thinking, and not who just make tasks.
Winner of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation scholarship program “Zavtra.UA – 2008”.
Experienced with Wearables.
Experienced with Accessibility.
Experience with In-vehicle infotainment. All about software for cars. Worked with IVI from Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Jaguar, Land Rover.

Have awards in scientific activities.

Looking for excited projects. Also I can help you in Android consulting and R&D.
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Mac OS X

Nginx + MySQL configurations

Here is instructions how to install MySQL and PhpMyAdmin on Mac OS X 1. Download and install DMG file. Link for downloading : 2. Installer will generate temporary root password. Save it in text file for next Read more…