Android GPS Using. How to get current location example

Hi. Here i want show you how to use Android GPS quickly. This is simple, may be not perfect example how to get current location by GPS.
To use GPS in your application first of all you must specify the uses-permission in Android manifest file:

If you don’t set this permission the application can’t get access to location service.

To use this application with android emulator you must mock location data. To do this using Eclipse you must:

  • Select Window > Show View > Other > Emulator Control
  • In Emulator Control panel enter the GPS coordinates under Location Controls and press Send

This operation you must do every time then you Run application.

Below you can see the application activity ( source. Below you can download the source code of this Android project.
For more information about Android GPS Usage look HERE

Here you can download the source code of this Android project.

Download it from github

36 Replies to “Android GPS Using. How to get current location example”

  1. Thanks, this was useful. Now all I have to do is send the location to the server and retrieve all the database entries within 10 miles. Simples. 🙂

  2. Thanks for share, but when i use your program, my phone don’t get location. In textview display: Sorry, location is not determined
    My phone turned on GPS, enable data (3G). I don’t unsderstand, location is null?
    If you know, plase help me

  3. Hi Igor Khrupin!
    when i run your new project. I submit ‘Get My Location’, program progress about 5 minutes, after textview was null. My phone is HTC hero, if i try with emulator, result is ok.
    Thank you very much.

  4. I tested outdoors yesterday, result wasn’t ok. I turned on GPS: Settings -> location &security -> use GPS satellites (checked).
    Network provider: Settings -> wireless & network settings -> mobile network -> data enabled(checked).
    can you see my wrong?

  5. About Network Location provider.
    You wrote: “Network provider: Settings -> wireless & network settings -> mobile network -> data enabled(checked).”

    You enabled access to internet via your mobile operator.

    Please make checkbox checked in Settings -> Location -> Use wireless networks. It is settings in my HTC Desire. I don’t know what name of this setting in your HTC Hero. This setting means that you can use a-GPS.

  6. Hi!

    Your tutorial is very useful, but it doesn’t work for mee!
    I am using emulator 2.1 can it be a problem?


  7. hi Igor
    when i used your program. i saw in logcat:
    09-21 04:34:21.004: DEBUG/libloc(189): Event RPC_LOC_EVENT_PARSED_POSITION_REPORT (client 0)
    09-21 04:34:21.004: DEBUG/libloc(189): Session status: RPC_LOC_SESS_STATUS_IN_PROGESS Valid mask: 0x606D
    09-21 04:34:21.004: DEBUG/libloc(189): Latitude: 15.8900017 (intermediate)
    09-21 04:34:21.004: DEBUG/libloc(189): Longitude: 105.8000028
    09-21 04:34:21.004: DEBUG/libloc(189): Accuracy: 0.0000000
    09-21 04:34:21.364: DEBUG/libloc(189): Event RPC_LOC_EVENT_SATELLITE_REPORT (client 0)
    09-21 04:34:21.364: DEBUG/libloc(189): sv count: 0
    but in textview: “My Location is”: process (not display longitude and latitude)..
    Can you help me get infomation in log?

  8. Hi, thanks for this example..
    I got latitude and longitude datas correctly.. Bu t I have a problem. I would like to get also speed (car speed). For this aim, I used :
    ” String speed = “Speed: ” + location.getSpeed(); ” And, I tested program with my telephone in the car that in motion. Hovewer, I got speed values like 1.39466, 1.69499 or 0. I don’t understand this problem reason.

    I hope, you will help me..

    1. sir when you got that answer for your car speed. what is actual speed of the car in kilimeter per hour?..

      thank you sir.

  9. I get an error here

    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    editTextShowLocation = (EditText) findViewById(;

    progress = (ProgressBar) findViewById(;

    buttonGetLocation = (Button) findViewById(;

    locManager = (LocationManager) this.getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE);

    It says id can’t be resolved or is not a field.What to do?

  10. Hi, this tutorial is very useful.
    I have a question.
    If my device enable GPS and network then :
    – duplicate call get location ?
    – get location will run slowly ?

  11. hi..thx for your psot if very helpfull. btw i try to adding the geocode into your code for get a adress form the lat and long with a litle modification, but i got an force close.. can you help me

  12. Hi, simran
    You can create table with two columns “lat” and “lng”. Then you can put coordinates into these columns as TEXT data.

  13. I am using this tutorial for finding GPS locaton and my code is as same as above but i am not geting location. only this message ” Sorry, location is not determined” is displayed. Please help me.

  14. Have already used FusedLocationProviderApi, but its still demand Kindly turn on the gps
    if i turn on the gps it will capture network location
    if possible can u please share working code to take location without turning on gps

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