QuickSort (qsort) Algorithm in Java

Published by Igor Khrupin on

QuickSort or qsort is the most fasters sorting algorithm. Here you can see my implementation in Java.

The recursively algorithm looks like this:

public static void qsort(int[] array, int leftIndex, int rightIndex) {
    int l = leftIndex;
    int r = rightIndex;
    int pivot = array[(leftIndex + rightIndex) >> 1];
    while (l <= r) {
        while (array[l] < pivot) {
        while (array[r] > pivot) {
        if (l <= r) {
            int temp = array[l];
            array[l] = array[r];
            array[r] = temp;
    if (leftIndex < r){
        qsort(array, leftIndex, r);
    if(l < rightIndex){
        qsort(array, l, rightIndex);

Here is visualisation:

Java source here:

Download it from github



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