This program allows you to do the usual shopping in a new way! With this application you will save time and easily make a list of necessary purchases.
Thanks to it, you will always know exactly what kind of product you need will not confuse it with others!
How does it work ?
1. Make barcode scanning on all products that you use every day (food, household chemicals. Cosmetics , etc.).
2. Get a list of products that is stored on your phone
3. Manage the list of required purchases by activating a product on your special list
4. Have the ability to link to the shopping list in the supermarket STORE Account Hit24 modern economy . And going on, making ordering goods on the list in 1 click
You can also :
quickly add to your shopping list wine that you gave in the restaurant, or interesting goodies that you were treated to friends
nothing long to explain and convey accurate shopping list her husband
make a list of the weekly shopping and do not forget


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