Example usage of GeofencingApi in Android

GeofencingApi is great feature for making notifications when user enter to specific place on map and also exit from specific place.

I’ve updated official GeofencingApi tutorial to make it more visual.

Here application which able register geofence just after map click. Use it for register your place and test how it works. This app have nice overlays which show whole geofence area (Red circle).

Here is YouTube with app in action

And link to github

Download it from github

How to keep background activities in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with MIUI

If you see this post then you probably have problem with running Android Service or other background activity in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 phone.

MIUI ROM usually kill background activity after 5-10 minutes user inactivity.

So, how to make applications with location based or other services works with MIUI.

For now I’ve got solution which can be done by end user.

  1. End user should go to Settings –> Battery & performance –> Manage apps battery usage –> Choose apps.
  2. Click on application.
  3. Choose “No restriction”
  4. And if your application work with background location the also choose “Allow” for BACKGROUND LOCATION.

Below short video with these steps