Here is instructions how to install MySQL and PhpMyAdmin on Mac OS X

1. Download and install DMG file.

Link for downloading :

2. Installer will generate temporary root password. Save it in text file for next steps.

3. Add /usr/local/mysql/bin to PATH

If you use ZSH open ~/.zshrc file and add

at the end of file. Save this file and restart all Terminal windows.

4. Change MySQL root password

5. start MySQL service

Open SystemPreferences and click on MySQL preferences.

Click on “Start MySQL Server” and put tick on “Automatically Start MySQL Server on Startup

6. Check mysql from Terminal

Open Terminal and run. Enter password which you have setup in step number 4.

You should see output like this:

To exit from MySQL console type exit and hit ENTER

You have installed MySQL.

To make work with MySQL more comfortable I suggest to install PhpMyAdmin.

Next post will be about it :


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