Used exclusively with the Business Services Inc. (BSI) Business Video Playlist line of services. It is an entirely new way to think about and use video from smartphones. For more information, go to
With BSI’s web services and this mobile client, administrators can define Video Outlines and deploy them immediately for use by end users to capture videos organized and edited into a Business Video Playlist in accordance with the Video Outline.
What is a Video Outline? Think of it as an outline consisting of titles for each segment of a video you will record. The Video Outline titles can be questions (as in a video testimonial or a video interview or a damage report) or statements (as in a tutorial or a video tour) or just a topic (as in a video blog or service reports). In other words, Video Outlines allow anyone to shoot video playlists targeted for specific purposes.
Economical! This is a Great solution for companies that cannot afford a video crew on their payroll. Any one at the company can order up a Video Outline. Once created the end user will be given a QR code to upload the Video Outline onto their smartphone. Then their smartphone and/or anyone else’s smartphone can create the video they need for their job.
A Great Marketing Tool! Whether you use BSI services for video testimonials, video blogs, tutorials or new product introductions, the videos can be placed in various social media (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) to highlight your business and move your status up the ladder of web visibility.
– Features –
✓ Scans QR Codes easily navigating the end user to the right Video Outline
✓ Provides a log of projects currently underway reminding the user that work is still to be done
✓ Switchable cameras allowing the end user to decide what camera to use for each item on the Play List
✓ Model release provided for each video during the recording process
✓ Simple video recording with just the right number of buttons to do the job at each stage of video creation
✓ Video recording is prefaced with a simple 3-2-1 countdown and a RECORD light when the smartphone is in active record mode
✓ Unlimited re-records of any segment of the Play List video
✓ Video segments uploaded only when the end user is ready
✓ Uploaded raw videos immediately available and visible through a system email
✓ End users can readily specify how the final video should be created
✓ Videos processed through the system can be placed on social media or kept private
✓ Videos and model releases maintained by the system for as long as the company desires
✓ Simplified pricing based on usage model chosen at signup enables the Customer to know what they will be spending
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