How to install PhpMyAdmin + Nginx in Mac OS X

In previous post I’ve talked about installing MySQL in Mac OS X. Today I want to talk about PhpMyAdmin. Tool which help work with MySQL databases. Here steps how to install it and configure under Nginx webserver. 1. Create virtualhost for PhpMyAdmin. Create /usr/local/etc/nginx/sites-available/phpmyadmin file with next content

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Nginx + MySQL configurations

Here is instructions how to install MySQL and PhpMyAdmin on Mac OS X 1. Download and install DMG file. Link for downloading : 2. Installer will generate temporary root password. Save it in text file for next steps. 3. Add /usr/local/mysql/bin to PATH If you use ZSH open ~/.zshrc file and add

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How to add Public Key Authentication for Ubuntu 16.04 server

For better security we should use public key authentication on the server. Here is steps how to do it. 1. Generate SSH key pair on your local computer. Skip if you already have ssh key pair in your local computer


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How to configure PHP with Nginx webserver on Mac OS X

Before starting installation PHP-FPM and configurations you should have Nginx installed and configured. If you don’t have it ready please follow my previous post about installing and configuring Nginx on Mac OS X. Here is the link So, here we have installed and configured NGinx. Let’s install and configure PHP-FPM. Read more…

How to install Nginx webserver on Mac OS X

Before start you should ensure that you have Command Line Tools installed in your mac. It is part of XCode. You should have it installed and updated. Install Command Line Tools if not exist

Install Nginx using Homebrew

Test Installation

Output should look like this

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Android Loop Tabs Sample

Here is sample for loop tabs in Android. Video with sample application in action Lets show how it works. 1. I have Tab enum which describe Tab element. Also you can handle tab state. I don’t do it in this sample.

2. Project has View for tabs which extended Read more…