Android: PocketSphinx speech/voice recognition library in background.

As you know we have Google Voice for voice recognition. Here is simple way to implement offline speech recognition using PocketSphinx lib. I’ve created simple app which will run Service with speech recognition functionality. You can add one keyword here:

Sure PocketSphinx have multi-keyword functionality.

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Android Loop Tabs Sample

Here is sample for loop tabs in Android. Video with sample application in action Lets show how it works. 1. I have Tab enum which describe Tab element. Also you can handle tab state. I don’t do it in this sample.

2. Project has View for tabs which extended Read more…

Send email with text file as attachment android sample

Here is little sample how to send email (send intent to Mail app) with text file as attachment. Screenshot:   And here is source code of main feature:

I make the text file with sample text before sending. This need to make this sample works. The full is:

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