How to install PhpMyAdmin + Nginx in Mac OS X

In previous post I’ve talked about installing MySQL in Mac OS X. Today I want to talk about PhpMyAdmin. Tool which help work with MySQL databases. Here steps how to install it and configure under Nginx webserver. 1. Create virtualhost for PhpMyAdmin. Create /usr/local/etc/nginx/sites-available/phpmyadmin file with next content

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Nginx + MySQL configurations

Here is instructions how to install MySQL and PhpMyAdmin on Mac OS X 1. Download and install DMG file. Link for downloading : 2. Installer will generate temporary root password. Save it in text file for next steps. 3. Add /usr/local/mysql/bin to PATH If you use ZSH open ~/.zshrc file and add

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How to automatically restart MySQL service

Here is instruction how to launch MySQL server after close unexpectedly. 1. Create /root/ file with next content:

2. Make it executable chmod +x /root/ 3. sudo crontab -e 4. Add crontab job. For 3 min period job will be next:

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