How to Dynamically or Programmatically Add Menu Items for an Android Activity

Sometimes you don’t need huge menu. And int is’t super important create XML file for it. You can just create your menu from code. It is very simple. You need override

method. Let’s see the example below:

Here is you have created two menu items “Edit” and “Delete”. Read more…

Image loading in Android.

There a lot libraries for loading images. Lets talk about couple of them. Picasso ( dependency

This library easy to use. To load image from url to ImageView you need do just one line.

Current library have a features which can be useful for your app: Image transformation

Read more…

How to put some special math symbols in TextView, EditView or other Android UI element.

Here the screenshot with special math symbols To make this you need just put HTML codes of with this symbols in TextView or other Android widget. Here the code: