How to prevent screen capturing in Android

Prevent screen capturing is way for saving your content. Android SDK have special flag for it. Just declare it in your Activity like this:

And user will see next message when try make screenshot:

How to fix “undefined reference to ‘__atomic_exchange_4”

When I built native library for LatinIME I’ve got next error: undefined reference to ‘__atomic_exchange_4 Full stacktrace:

To avoid it open file and add next string:

Build native libs for LatinIME. Error: base class ‘class latinime::NgramListener’ should be explicitly initialized in the copy constructor [-Werror=extra]

I working on LatinIME Android Keyboard keyboard. I’ve got source from Google repo. Here is structure: java – contains java code native – jni code. When I try to build native I receive next error:

Full stacktrace:

To avoid it I’ve edited in jni dir and replace: Read more…

How to flash Nexus 5 Hammerhead

Hi Guys, Please do the next instructions with your own risk. Download stock Image from I’ve downloaded 6.0.1 (MOB31E) Inzip Image Unlock the device’s bootloader

or, for older devices, run the next:

Execute the flash-all script from ZIP. Start the device in fastboot mode again. Lock device bootloader:

or, Read more…

Android Loop Tabs Sample

Here is sample for loop tabs in Android. Video with sample application in action Lets show how it works. 1. I have Tab enum which describe Tab element. Also you can handle tab state. I don’t do it in this sample.

2. Project has View for tabs which extended Read more…