How to create VirtualHost in Linux Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Published by Igor Khrupin on

The procedure of creation VirtualHost in Linux is very simple.
I try to make it more simple for me. The result of this work is .sh script that you can download below. Just untar this archive

tar xvf

and run this script in terminal with sudo.
Example of usage:

IP =
ServerName =
ServerAdmin email =
Your username in System = user
htdocs directory path = /home/user/htdocs/

If we located in same directory that script command in terminal will be:

sudo ./ user /home/user/htdocs/

Now open your browser and type the adress .If allright you will see phpinfo();
hope it’s will be useful for you.

For more tutorial information look in script file.

Download it from github


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