Epson XP-103 ink pad counter reset for FREE

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My printer has stop working and “paper” and “ink” start blinking.

This happens when printer’s ink pads are full

From manual:
Screenshot 2016-05-23 01.16.54
“The printer’s ink pads are nearing or at the end of their service life. Contact Epson Support to replace ink pads. When the printer’s ink pads are nearing the end of their service life, you can resume printing by pressing x r or r x. The paper light and the ink light ash alternately.”

I’ve opened printer and clean ink pads.

After that I need reset counter. To do it I’ve downloaded iWIC tool software.

WIC Reset Utility for Windows (ZIP, 2.56 mB)
iWIC for Mac OS 10.6 Intel and higher (iWIC.dmg)
WIC for Linux

Screenshot 2016-05-23 01.20.19

This software require key. But you can use “trial” or “TRIAL” software for one free resetting.

Hope it helps.

Let me know if you know better FREE method. I’ll need it in future 🙂

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