There a lot libraries for loading images. Lets talk about couple of them.

  1. Picasso (


This library easy to use. To load image from url to ImageView you need do just one line.

Current library have a features which can be useful for your app:

    • Image transformation

    • Placeholder for progress and error. Useful to show some drawable if downloading failed or in progress

    • Using Picasso you can load images from resources, file or web

  1. Glide (

Current library is recommended by Google.



Also Glide has a features:

I use Glide because:
1. Faster than Picaso
2. Have better “.with()” method. Glide.with(this) can take Context, Fragment, Activity, etc.

Currently Glide better Image loader library.

Awaiting your comments.

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Sergii · 19 May, 2016 at 09:24

Speed: does what Glide does by default.

Fragments, loaders, volley, dagger 2 are also recommended by Google.

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